How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally – 3 Natural Cholesterol Reducers

Let’s face it, you want to know how to reduce cholesterol naturally, or you won’t be reading this article. Today we’re going to share 3 natural cholesterol reducers which, when taken in supplement form, make for a completely viable alternative to prescription drugs when it comes to reducing cholesterol.

And this viable alternative is no longer smart or safe to ignore. The reason I say it is no longer safe to ignore is because the adverse and harmful side effects of commonly prescribed statin drugs are both well known and well publicized by now. Yes, they are effective at lowering cholesterol, but they also inhibit healthy cellular activity.

There is a whole host of natural cholesterol reducers that are extremely effective at keeping your cholesterol down and under control. Best of all, you can take these in supplement form to save costs and avoid having to eat stuff that perhaps won’t feature on your dinner table out of choice. We’ll look at 3 of the most powerful natural compounds for lowering cholesterol.

1. Sytrinol®

The soluble fibre in citrus fruits is a great natural cholesterol reducer. Sytrinol® takes it one step further a compound derived directly from citrus and palm fruit extracts. It not only maintains HDL (good cholesterol) levels, but also lowers triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol).

2. Red Rice Yeast

As usual, the Chinese knew about this long before it caught on in Western society. For over 2000 years red rice yeast has been used in that country for its numerous health benefits, one of which is reducing cholesterol naturally.

3. Policosanol

From the sweet sticks of sugar cane we get Policosanol. This has been shown to have as much of a normalizing effect on cholesterol as most prescribed drugs. Again, the effect is quite simple: HDL is raised, LDL is lowered. The more HDL you have, the more plaque deposits can be removed from your arteries.

These are just a few of many natural compounds found in natural supplements that help lower and control cholesterol levels. The simple truth is, they produce results. Plus, they do so without the muscle and cognitive disfunction that prescription statin drugs have now become known for.

All three these natural cholesterol reducers are found in the fantastic Choleslo® supplement.

Xtend-Life Omega 3 QH Ultra

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This fish oil is perfect for controlling cholesterol and promoting a healthy heart.


Total cholesterol control and balancing, liver cleansing and heart protection.

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No Fine Print Disclaimer: We are not medical practitioners and the information on this page is for informational purposes only and not intended to be medical advice. Consult with your doctor before making any changes to prescribed medication. While all our reviews are objective, we are required by law to inform you that we are independent affiliates for the products we recommend and may receive a commission on any purchase you make.

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