How To Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

Warning: Statin Drugs Can Destroy Your Body.
Learn How To Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

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More and more people just like yourself are trying to discover how to lower cholesterol without medication.

Why is this happening? What is wrong with typical cholesterol medication that has people desperately searching for a more natural remedy?

Quite a lot is wrong, in fact.

The Dangers Hidden in Cholesterol Medication

The most common cholesterol medication prescribed by doctors are known as statin drugs. Now, the claim is that these drugs are very effective at controlling and lowering cholesterol. Not only has independent research studies raised serious questions against this sweeping claim, but they have discovered a more serious problem.

Hitting the headlines in 2004, CBS news reported on Jim Matthews, who started developing cognitive chaos and confusion after using the drug Lipitor to help control his cholesterol. Since then there has been an endless stream of reports documenting even more severe side effects experienced by users of statins.

The Real Truth About Statin Drugs

While big pharmaceutical companies go out of their way to tell us that statins are safe, actual independent research tells a different story. A massive study led by Julia Hippisley-Cox and Carol Coupland (recently published in the British Medical Journal) analyzed data from over 2 million patients.

The results showed that statin drugs actually helped only 2.7% of the patients, while it caused side effects like kidney failure, muscle weakness and liver damage in 4.4% of them.

In other words, not only do statin drugs only have any positive effect whatsoever on a very tiny percentage of people, but they actually cause harm to a greater percentage of people.

These results would suggest that your chances of being hurt by statin drugs are more than likely greater than your chances of being helped. For the vast majority of people, they’re simply going to provide no benefit at all with regards to reducing the risk of heart disease. This is why it is so important to learn how to lower cholesterol without medication.

How Statins Can Destroy Your Health

You see, cholesterol is not the only thing inhibited by statins. They also deplete Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a critical cell compound found in every cell in our bodies. Research suggests that statins can reduce the production of CoQ10 in the body by as much as 40%.

CoQ10 is, quite simply, crucial to effective cell activity in the body, particularly for generating the energy your cells need to function optimally. It is also a potent antioxidant, suspected of being able to absorb as much as 50 times more free radicals than Vitamin E.

CoQ10 deficiency can lead to heart problems, muscle problems (warning: the heart is a muscle) and cognitive dysfunction. It is no secret, and no coincidence, that these are the most common side effects reported by users of statin drugs.

The fact that statin drugs deplete the CoQ10 in the body, and even directly damage muscle tissue which often brings about a condition called “Myopathy” should be a major cause of alarm. Despite this though, tens of millions of people in the US alone still rely on them to control their cholesterol.

The sad thing is, safe and effective alternatives are readily available.

How To Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

Yes, a healthy diet and exercise are important factors in lowering cholesterol without medication, but in many cases the body needs additional help. This is why statin drugs are prescribed, and why we are looking for something you can use as a safe and effective replacement.

Your answer may very well lie in natural cholesterol lowering supplements. These products work by using mostly organic ingredients that help to naturally reduce bad cholesterol in your body. The trick, of course, is to pick the right one from the word go.

I think we can help you with that.

Choosing the Best Natural Cholesterol Supplement

We reviewed 4 popular cholesterol lowering supplements before deciding on a clear winner. The product that walked away with our unreserved seal of approval is a doctor endorsed supplement called Choleslo®. Here is why we chose it, and where it excels over the other products we tried:

1. Choleslo® provides the most complete all round cholesterol protection.

It not only reduces bad cholesterol, but actually balances your lipid profiles. You see, cholesterol is needed by your body. To simply destroy it will damage your body.You need to maintain a healthy balance between the different types of cholesterol, and Choleslo® is specifically formulated to do this.

It also cleanses the liver (the source of cholesterol problems) and reduces homocysteines, thereby significantly reducing your risk of heart disease.

None of the other products we tried provided these 3 levels of protection.

2. The product has over 1540 published studies to demonstrate that it is clinically proven to work.

None of the other products we looked at could back their claims up with this amount of scientific evidence.

3. Real, verifiable product testimonials.

None of the other products we looked at could produce the sheer number of documented success stories that Choleslo® does.

4. Twelve patented, clinically proven cholesterol lowering ingredients.

It contains not just 2 or 3, but 12 patented ingredients, all with the clinical testing behind them to prove that they are effective at lowering and controlling cholesterol.

If you don’t want to risk your overall health on statin drugs any longer, Choleslo® should be the first product on your list to consider if you’re looking for a safe, clinically tested and highly effective way to lower your cholesterol without medication.

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We hope this has opened your eyes to the fact that you don’t need to be tied to statin drugs and all the side effects associated with it in order to control your cholesterol.

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